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Here is a listing of some short stories I have wrote over the past three years. You may notice my writing get better as the years roll on. Well, all of them are listed below for your viewing pleasure. But just take note, these are not all the short stories I have wrote, there are more its just I don't have them listed here, although I hope to at some point.

The Sand Jugnle - A Western story about two bank robbing bandits and a cowboy named John.
Internet Airway: Dragon Adventure 2 - A sequel to one of my not so better stories entitled The Dragon Adventure.
Dimension 4 - A story about a wizard trying to save the world from having to deal with a forth dimension.
Lorenzo of Rampert - A story of a knight crippled in a war and what happens after.
Tic-Tac: Ship of Fools - My Titanic spoof that a lot of my friends found pretty funny.

More Coming Soon!