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Internet Airway: Dragon Adventure 2
By: Jon

A few days of surfing the net would have been a day in the park, if
three kids who in their minds were the rulers of the net, would have
known what was waiting for them on that web page, one that would
change their lives, (and others too).
"Come on, come on!"
"Patrick stop it! We all know that getting on AOL is hard enough,
but with out blabbing that you hope we get online is where I draw the
"Nick! Be quiet. We're on."
"You're right Sean. Now let's get on the net", said Nick excitedly.
"Okay we got Internet connection and got to search," mumbled Nick. "What
are we looking for today?"
"How are candy bars?" suggested Patrick
"Or how about rare exotic web sites that no one ever goes to," said
"I'll go with option two. So we just type in 'rare exotic web sites' and
press search, and....
"We're in!" yelled Patrick, knocking Nick off his seat.
"Well thanks for the reminder. I'm glad too!" said Nick sarcastically
settling back onto his seat. "Now let's get on this site," said Nick scooting
the mouse over.
Then came the click, the click that changed these three friend's lives
forever. Colors filled the room, red, blue, yellow, violet and the rest of the
rainbow in dozens of different patterns of light. Then it seemed lightening
was shooting from their monitor, creating a shield of electricity around
them. After that a pull greater than any black hole, sucked them into the
computer, through the hard drive, down the phone lines and lust when
these three kids thought it was the worst, they found that they were
spewed out into a colorful world. It was filled with plants galore and
about five different shapes of blue trees.
"Where... are.., we?" stuttered Patrick.
"I don't know, but I think I'm going to hurl with all these bright
colors," continued Sean, clutching his stomach with both hands.
"It's kind of nice though," smiled Nick. "No garbage, no crooks, no
"No way of getting home," continued Patrick, cutting Nick off.
"What the heck was that noise?" questioned Sean looking alert.
A large wind shot out from the sky knocking them all onto the
colorful purple grass. Then a portal opened behind them and a large object
fell, falling between Patrick and Nick
"What was that?" questioned Sean.
"Maybe it... Hey, what's this?" asked Patrick, nudging the object
beside him. "Hey this is a human!"
"Nooo, did you think it was an alien", said Nick sarcastically.
"Wh., Wh... Where am I? Oh, I'm here," said the boy looking around.
"Who are you?"
"Before we answer that, where are we?" asked Sean.
"I really can't remember. But who are you?" questioned the kid.
"Well, I'm Nick, this is Patrick and Sean," explained Nick pointing
"My name is Peter. I've been here once before. I was sledding with
my friends and transported here. That time I met a dragon named Drag
"Hold it! There's dragons here?" yelled Nick.
"Precisely what he said N...N...Nickkkk" stuttered Sean.
"What...what is it Sean?"
"Sean lifted his hand and pointed behind Nick Nick turned around
and was scared stiff. In front of him sat a large dragon, about the size of a
car on it's front end. Simultaneously they all got up screaming and ran off,
all except Peter.
"Hey Drag, how you doing?" called Peter, not showing any fright.
"It's been okay. Thanks for those happy thoughts. They worked like
a charm," said Drag, the dragon.
"Did I miss something here?" asked Patrick sarcastically when he
"Oh, I'm sorry," said Peter. You see I have met Drag before as I
have said. It started out when I was sledding with my friends and
accidentally traveled here. I met Drag and 1 found out he brought me here
to .... I thought this was weird at first... he brought me here to give him
some happy thoughts. I later found out they were to try to eliminate an
evil soul with no body, that was trying to make a home in Drags body to
live. We finally met and as hoped, eliminated it. We said goodbye and I
went back home. That's why I know Drag.
"Oh stop trying to sleep. I know you're awake."
"Ah, Peter about your story," said Drag. "About those happy
memories. It's... well... I need some more. You see I need some more."
"No problem Dra...ggg," said Peter
Standing behind Drag was a huge ghost.
It had on a pitch black coat, a hood pulled over his face and had a
smell of eerie death on it. Drag then turned around to face it.
"Give up Drag, you can't win. I will conquer you!" said the ghost with
a frightful tone.
"Don't give up Drag!" called Peter behind Drag. Then he ran over to
Nick, Patrick and Sean who were hiding behind a tree.
"What are you doing!" asked Drag loudly.
"Use my weapons and if all else fails, yours." called Peter.
Just then the ghost shot a bolt of fire out at Drag, hitting him square
in the stomach. Continuously Drag tried to use those happy shots, but all
he got was a bolt of fire for standing still. Finally when he was getting
mighty weak, he made up his mind. He picked up a large tree, then lit it
on fire. He threw it at the ghost. The tree landed straight on top of the
ghost, trapping him in the tree. Drag let out a huge sigh of relief and sat


All of the four kids made it home safely and Drag lived happy for the~
whole rest of his life. The ghost lay in that tree for almost all eternity,
except one time, but that's a different story!