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Dimension 4
By: Jon

The Earth, a planet in the galaxy the Milky Way is about to
experience a great problem. This problem will go on as the worst problem
on the Earth since hunger.
RUMMMBBBBBLLLLLLEEEEE! The earth shook as something seemed
to be taking over it. As soon as it was over, things seemed to be partly see
through. About an hour after it happened, scientists confirmed a fourth
dimension have been formed somehow. They also predicted that this new
ground probably wouldn't last more than a week or so before they thought
it would cave in.
"I want you to get rid of this, this fourth dimension on the Earth,"
ordered the president. Right then a wizard was meeting with the
President. The President didn't want anything happening to the country.
"Can you handle that?" The wizard nodded his head.
"Good," said the President.
As the wizard was walking through the city, he tried using his
mental powers to try to at least figure out who made the fourth dimension
before he got to his lair. The wizard had long black hair and a round nose.
Some people laughed at him as he walked by, but he didn't care. He knew
he was special and he didn't care if people laughed at him. He was walking
by an appliance with a T.V. in the window. On the T.V. was a news report
about disappearing crystals, but the wizard didn't hear or see it he was so
busy trying to find out who made the fourth dimension. When the wizard
got to his lair, he was pretty sure he knew who it was. He thought the
person or ghost doing it was Carock the evil ghost. Although he was pretty
sure, he decided to put all sorts of ideas together to see if he forgot any.
The wizard walked over to a table in the middle of his dark cave and
started his magic. The room started to morph. Objects would seem to be
building, and the room was flashing red. It only took the wizard about as
long as it would take to run to a phone at the other end of the house to
put all his ideas together. When he stopped he was sure it was Carock
even more. He looked down at a table in front of him and opened a book.
The book told where most of his enemies lived. He skimmed through it and
found where Carock lived. He then grabbed his magic wand and set off.
The wizard decided to use a spell to transport him to Carock's lair.
"Ca-za-ca-zoom", the wizard started. "Car-ze-Car-zair take me to
Carock's lair!" finished the wizard. By saying that the wizard disappeared
only leaving behind a cloud of smoke.
In Carocks lair, there appeared a cloud of smoke, then out walked the
wizard. The wizard had been walking around the huge cave maze. Until he
saw a glimpse of light did he realize the walls were covered with bats. Not
worrying, he walked ahead. He accidentally kicked a stone and the walls
burst to life. The wizard fell to the ground. He heard a crack, then a bat
came crashing into the floor in front of him. The floor cracked more, then
it broke open and the wizard fell down a pitch dark pit. Thinking quickly,
the wizard started to use his brain to fly. Not knowing if he was pointing
up he started to fly up or at least what he thought was up. He saw
himself going up in his brain and stopped once he got to the top. He
climbed onto solid ground and started walking down a tunnel. He was
walking along and found what the light was. He was in the middle of a
huge crystal mine. It was about the size of a Red Lion's lobby. He walked
over to a crystal about the size of a baseball and put it in his pocket. As he
was walking out, a crystal that was as big as a football disappeared but the
wizard didn't notice.
The wizard kept on searching for Carock and was getting tired, so he
went over to sit on a nearby rock. He got out a water bottle and gulped it
down. He started to look around the tunnel when he noticed an odd
looking rock. He went down to pick it up but it was stuck. He pulled
harder then it came loose. He looked at it and felt a crack under him.
Then the rock he was sitting on fell through the hale with him still on it.
He tried using his magic but hit a steep bit of ground. Then the tunnel
seem to go vertical. He hit the ground and seemed to be going on a huge
slide. It lasted only about 30 seconds before he saw a dead end ahead. ~
Thinking quick, he put a shield around him so he wouldn't get hurt. He
blasted through the dead end and on the other side hit the ground. He
seemed to stop slowly. Opening his eyes, he looked around. He was in a
huge cave with a little stream running right through it. The stream shone
colors on the walls and made the place look like a rainbow. Suddenly a
bolt of lighting hit the wizard pressing him up against the cave's wall!
"What are you doing here!?" demanded a voice.
The wizard, realizing who it was, used his brain to scan around the
room for a ghost. In the corner, his brain got the outline of a ghost. The
wizard knew it was definitely Carock by his big head and body. Not
answering his question, the wizard shot a bolt of lighting of his own at the
ghost. The wizard realizing that it would go through the ghost, used a
special kind of magic for ghosts. He heard Carock screaming and then he
saw a bolt of light coming out of the comer. The wizard dodged it and sent
more magic over to Carock. Soon the stream was not the only one casting
light on the walls. It took the wizard only about 20 blasts to get Carock
weakened. He knew he only needed 1 more blow to finish him. Thinking
quickly, he decided he was going to use a kind of magic he had never used
before. It was a kind that would eliminate them but leave Carock frozen in
his last position in his life. This was good for ghosts because then the
ghosts wouldn't have to crossover. Using all the powers he could use, he
blasted one more bolt of lighting to him and Carock was frozen in his last
Now that the wizard had Carock gone, he decided that it wouldn't
hurt to transfer Carocks soul that was still in Carocks frozen body to his
own. That way the wizard would get more powers and that would make it
so Carock could never come back. The wizard knew he could turn bad, but
Carocks soul needed to be stored. The wizard took out his magic wand
which he brought from his lair. The wizard pointed his wand a Carock,
said a few words, then closed his eyes and walked over to Carocks frozen
When Carocks body started to drift into the wizards, there was a
huge flash of light and the wizard opened his eyes. He looked around the
cave once more then walked out of the cave. Since he knew where he was
going, he decided to walk. It took him several days to get to Washington
D.C.. When he got there he saw a crowd gathered around an appliance
store window. It was then that he realized things were not changing back
yet. He thought about it for a moment then convinced himself it must take
a day or two to get out of the fourth dimension. He walked up to the
crowd and just looked through he people because things were still
"Today on Channel two news", said the T.V., "the disappearing
crystals have now turned to diamonds."
"What do they mean by disappearing crystals and diamonds?"
questioned the wizard to a nearby person.
"Crystals started disappearing when this whole 4-D thing started",
answered the stranger. "Now they're saying there are disappearing
diamonds too."
"For our main story tonight, the Earth is becoming more fourth
dimensional every second and the President is hoping someone can still
stop it." continued the T.V.
It was right then the wizard realized Carock didn't do it and that he
still needed to stop whoever was doing it soon!
When the wizard got back to his lair, he immediately tried using his
magic to find out who did it, but his magic wouldn't work. It took the
wizard an hour of deducing to figure out that Carocks soul got in the way
of his magic. Since he had no magic left, he had to go to another wizard to
get Carocks soul out of him. The wizard decided to go to get some help
from a wizard named Talis.
"Talis is not as powerful as myself but I'm pretty sure he can do
this." the wizard thought.
It took the wizard a week to get to Talis's home. He lived in an
underground cave in Tokyo, Japan. When he go there he was greeted by..
"Who goes there!" shouted a male voice.
The wizard first walked up to his house, opened the door, and said,
"It's just me, Talis."
Talis stared at him, then finally said, "Atrix, come in and sit down.
What do you need?"
"Well for starters", said the wizard, "I go by The Wizard instead of
Atrix now. I changed my name because of too many enemies".
"Okay, The Wizard, what do you need?" replied Talis.
"Well, you see, Carock the ghost's soul is in me and....."
"Hold up, hold up. Are you saying Carocks soul is in you?! I know
just what your problem is", Talis exclaimed. "Ya-scha-ya!"
"What was that?" questioned the wizard.
"Your cure", replied Talis. "Carocks soul is no longer in you.
"Anything else you need?"
"Well, I need to find out who put this fourth dimension on Earth",
said the wizard.
"One second, hmmmm, I think it's Riptar the Dragon's doings. He always
talked about making a fourth dimension", guessed Talis.
"Thanks a lot Talis! You were a real help," smiled the wizard. With
that he disappeared to Riptar's lair.
When the wizard got there he realized Riptar's lair was like Carocks
but smaller. The wizard found Riptar in a matter of minutes. Riptar was
in a room that looked like an Indiana Jones set. Riptar was sleeping.
"This is perfect" thought the wizard. "I'll just tap into his mind and
get some information."
While the wizard was searching, he got a better look at Riptar. He
looked like an average dragon with green skin and triangle spikes that
were red coming out of his back. When the wizard was searching he found
a lot of interesting stuff, but finally he found the three topics he was
looking for; Riptar's weakness of being hit in the eye, a memory of him
making the fourth dimension, and a memory of him transporting crystals
and diamonds to his lair. The crystals and diamonds were keeping the
fourth dimension going.
By uncovering this last memory Riptar woke. He got up and started
breathing fire at the wizard. The wizard started blasting lighting bolts ,
but they couldn't hurt him. Riptar was also breathing fire faster than ever
but always missed the wizard. The wizard realized it was time to the
dragon's weakness. He had to shoot a special kind of lightning bolt that he
could only fire three times in his eye. The wizard took the first shot and
missed, and missed on his second too. This was his last chance. He shoot it
and hit Riptar directly in his eye. Riptar started to roar then hit the
ground. The wizard knew the dragon was going to live so he put a shield
around him and launched him into space.
The wizard searched the cave until he found the button to turn the
fourth dimension off. Then he took out the crystal he had in his pocket
and put it in with the rest of the crystals and diamonds. He sent them all
back where they came from. The wizard walked outside and realized
things had already become normalagain. With knowing things were the
way they were supposed to be, he disappeared to his lair only to come out
for the next danger to come to Earth.